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Telltale Water Stains

Removing, fading them can be a DIY project By Laura Kourajian, Certified NDSU Extension Master Gardener, I doubt I am the only plant lover with water-stained woodwork – dark stains that perfectly mimic the round bottom of a plant pot, the wedges of a plastic protective tray and the white-rimmed spatters of ancient dried…

Japanese Gardens

Honoring the divinity in nature, many are designed for meditation By Anne Blankenship, NDSU Extension Master Gardener, Exoticized by Westerners and deployed by the Japanese for diplomatic purposes at World’s Fairs and sister cities around the globe, Japanese gardens are now one of the most recognizable styles of pleasure gardens. Inspired by Buddhist monks…

Classical Chinese Scholar Gardens

Ancient gardens designed to reflect a balanced life by Anne Blankenship, NDSU Extension Master Gardener Intern, Chinese gardens intended for leisure first appeared alongside emperors’ palaces but were soon replicated within the courtyards of merchants, civic leaders, and scholars. These scholar gardens gained popularity during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Sophisticated gardens became a point…

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